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Hyden Dog Bite Attorney

Dogs have very powerful jaws that can inflict significant injuries on the human body. While most people may not think about dog bite injuries, the reality is that a bite or attack can lead to significant pain and suffering and tremendous medical bills.

At Couch and Fugate, our team is here to help when you need a Hyden dog bite injury attorney by your side. We have the resources necessary to investigate these claims, and we understand how Kentucky dog bite laws can influence your compensation.

Why choose Couch and Fugate for this case?

  • The attorneys at Couch and Fugate have decades of proven success helping injury victims throughout eastern Kentucky secure the compensation they are entitled to.
  • We have an extensive understanding of how dog bite laws in Kentucky intersect with personal injury claims.
  • We take Hyden dog bite injury claims on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients will not pay any legal fees until we secure the compensation they need.

Why do you need a dog bite lawyer?

A dog bite injury lawyer in Hyden can bring valuable resources to the case. Often, there is a dispute over whether or not a person really sustained injuries due to the dog bite. An attorney can:

  • Use the resources of their office to obtain eyewitness statements, photo or video evidence of the incident, and accident reports.
  • Ensure that the client is evaluated by a trusted medical professional with experience handling dog bite claims.
  • Engage in vigorous negotiations with insurance carriers to ensure the client receives maximum compensation for their dog bite injuries.

Understanding Hyden, Kentucky dog bite laws

We can turn to Section 258.235 of Kentucky Revised Statutes to see how the Commonwealth handles dog bite cases. This is considered a “strict liability” dog bite jurisdiction. This means that a dog owner will be held liable if their dog bites somebody and causes injuries, even if the dog has never shown a tendency to be aggressive and even if the dog has never bitten anybody before.

Additionally, and unlike other states, Kentucky’s strict liability dog bite law applies to any injuries that the dog may cause, not just bite injuries. For example, if a dog jumps on a visitor, knocks them down, and causes a broken bone, the dog owner can be held liable for this injury as well.

Time limit to file a dog bite claim in Hyden, Kentucky

Any person bitten and injured by a dog in Kentucky needs to be aware that they have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit. The personal injury statute of limitations in the Commonwealth is one year from the date an injury occurs. This gives a dog bite victim a one-year window to file a lawsuit in order to recover compensation for their claim.

Contact a Hyden dog bite attorney today

If you or somebody you care about has been injured due to a dog bite in or around Perry County, contact the team at Couch and Fugate today. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex personal injury claims throughout eastern Kentucky, and we are ready to investigate this incident. We can help you secure the compensation you need. We understand Kentucky dog bite laws and how they can affect your overall compensation in these cases. When you need a Hyden dog bite injury attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by calling (606) 672-7300.